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This email is to kick off the 2020/21 Taylor Bowls Super Challenge as well as outline details for the 2020 Grand Finals.  Obviously these details are based on the premise that we will be bowling without restrictions.


Firstly, the Grand Finals have finally been played at Adelaide Bowling Club on Sunday 11 October, commencing at 6pm.  

The 2019-2020 winners being

GOLD                    West Lakes

SILVER                  Marion

BRONZE                Edwardstown


The second topic is the 2020/21 season.  After going through the Bowls SA and MBA calendars, I have found thirteen Sunday nights where games can be played.  Two of the nights (1 Nov & 29 Nov) will be Bronze matches only as these dates clash with rounds of the SA Super League.  The dates are:


1 November                       14 February

15 November                    21 February

22 November                    7 March

29 November                    14 March

13 December                     21 March

17 January                           28 March

24 January


At this stage, all you need to do is start promoting the Taylors competition with your club members.  Can clubs please have their nominations to me by the 11th October (Grand Final Night} with number of teams and what divisions etc.  That will give me a couple of weeks to sort out the draw.

We would also like our Gold and Silver teams to consider what bowls they may require i.e Size and Colour and potentially which Model SR, SRV or GTR and place their preference with Ashley when doing their nominations, as most bowls will likely come out of Queensland stock first.



Ashley Halls





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