About the SALBL

The South Australian Lawn Bowlers League (SALBL) is a player-driven association that aims to promote the sport of Lawn Bowls through its "On the Green" Radio Show and its Innovative 10-a-side twilight lawn bowls competition, the Taylor Bowls Super Challenge. We currently have 700 members, from clubs across the Adelaide metropolitan area we have extended outside the Metropolitan area no as we have Willunga playing Bronze South as well. .



  • Have a close and amicable working relationship with Bowls SA.

  • Promote the sport of Lawn Bowls to Bowlers and the wider community.

  • The representative voice for all Bowlers in South Australia.

  • Represent members and clubs in disputes with Bowls SA or affiliated clubs.

  • Make the game more appealing to prospective new Bowlers and spectators.

  • Promote the sport of Bowls through the media.

  • Raise the profile of Bowls in South Australia.

  • Help raise sponsorship for the sport of Bowls.

  • Conduct competitions between clubs for all player levels.


On Sunday 15th June 2008 a meeting was held at the Somerton Bowling Club to discuss an idea of forming a “Players League”.

John McDougall, a respected Bowls Administrator at Club, State and National levels, opened the meeting and addressed the 74 people present. His opening address was very informative and summed up why the meeting had been called. The following quotes are part of John’s opening address:

“Several weeks ago the frustrations of many players reached a level where a group commenced considering if things could be improved by forming a players league. Whilst there is an impression that this was a reaction to the cancellation of the Men’s Premier League 1 finals, that in fact is not correct. The cancellations merely brought to a head the frustrations that many players had been experiencing for some time. You see it appeared to them that decisions on how the game they played were basically being undertaken by administrators without considering their views or aspirations.

So the group decided to move towards the formation of a Players League and set up a Steering Committee to move towards this objective. Whilst the initial focus was on Men’s Premier League 1 it very quickly became evident that there was a similar groundswell amongst the women and also amongst players at all levels of the sport. That is now the focus.

Since that first meeting of the group the vision was very clearly established in that:-

  • It was not to be a break a way group in conflict with Bowls SA. In this regard every opportunity would be explored to ensure the Players League worked with and not against the State body.

  • It would provide players with a single voice in its representations to the State body on issues that concerned lawn bowlers of all levels and gender.

  • It would maintain an efficient administration system so that the focus was on results rather than processes and that the decisions and policies were always transparent to all stakeholders.

  • It would promote the sport at all levels through the media and the public generally.

  • It would represent the players and so membership would be extended to them. Whilst the support of clubs has been forthcoming and is very much appreciated the view was taken that to accept clubs as members would really only create another organisation similar to Bowls SA and that is not the intention.

One of the misconceptions at the moment is that the Players League focus is entirely upon the 12 a side competition that has been given some prominence. Whilst this could be an opportunity arising out of the forming of the association it is not the main focus.”

At the initial meeting where the first Committee was formed, the name of the organisation was settled as the South Australian Lawn Bowlers’ League. The Committee is made up entirely of volunteer bowlers with no paid staff.

10-a-side Competition

The Taylor Bowls Super Challenge is an exciting and innovative lawn bowls competition, taking place in the twilight during the South Australian summer.


The competition commenced on 9 January, 2009, originally as a 12-a-side competition. This format was subsequently changed to a 10-a-side competition, consisting of all 4 disciplines: singles, pairs, triples and fours. Originally named the Henselite Cup, with Henselite as naming rights sponsor, the name of the competition was changed to Taylor Bowls Super Challenge in 2012-13, when Taylor Bowls became the new sponsors for the competition.


The initial idea for the competition was to have an “elite” competition involving the top clubs in the metropolitan area, and then expand the competition so that all lawn bowlers, no matter what their standard of bowls, could be part of the competition. Thirty four clubs participate in the Taylor Bowls Super Challenge, across three sections: Gold (including some of the state's best players), Silver (North and South) and Bronze (North and South). The competition is Open Gender.

Each year the competition has expanded, going from 14 clubs to 18, 21, 24, 27, 42 in 2013/14 and 48 in 2016/17. The expansion in the past two years has been due to the introduction of Gold, Silver (North and South) and Bronze (North, Central and South) divisions, which has opened the competition to more clubs across the metropolitan area, with some clubs choosing to enter more than one team.


​Total Prize-money given out by the SALBL during the 2015/16 season was just over $27,000. 

​“On the Green” Radio Show has now been replaced by a Live Stream show via Facebook with the welcome support of the Metropolitan Bowls Association (MBA) and their sponsors ECH and our sponsors Taylor Bowls.

In addition to the Taylor Bowls Super Challenge, the SALBL also hosts a Live Stream show dedicated to the sport of Lawn Bowls Sunday's commencing around 7.45am during the season with lead host Ashley Halls and Roy Palmer, Stuart Forbes and other guest hosts with John Bevin from Messenger Newspapers on the phone.